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Better spirits = productive chemo time ;)

Jamie’s been feeling better (yay!!), praying her strength lasts through this round of chemo (fingers crossed). Working on her medical bills today, doin’ the dirty work

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12 hour chemo day brightened by my favorite MD Anderson volunteers!

Love these ladies! They’re here almost every Wednesday, donating they’re time to help brighten the day for so many chemo patients

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154 Pounds of Laundry – The Weigh-In / Battling Extreme Fatigue / Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy comes with so many unwanted side effects and finding ways to deal...

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Good Laugh Today – Vodka in the Office?

So….. finally back in the office for a few hours today and first on the...

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Still Alive & KICKIN it, lol!! Chemo & MD Update From Yesterday

Back to blogging again and have lots to catch up on with treatment, life,...

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